Over 62,000 people demand Earl of Lytton’s Scheme to become law

Over 62,000 people are now calling for consumer protection for blocks of flats (without the need to go to court) with the Earl of Lytton’s buildingsafetyscheme.org legislation.

With the Building Safety Act, 2022 freeholder leaseholder protections back stop now at serious risk of freeholder insolvencies with recent legislative proposals, even qualifying leaseholders could find a lack of funding available to cover ruinous remediation costs. Then of course there is the 1.7 million unqualified leaseholders who are still at risk. All because the government hasn’t got enough money.

Please sign the petition here : https://www.change.org/p/protect-innocent-homeowners-hold-property-developers-to-account-for-dangerous-cladding

All leaseholders can be protected from historic building safety remediation costs with this legislation and it doesn’t ask for a tax payer bailout.